Tinnitus–App auf Rezept

Tinnitus Treatment

Unlike as previously thought, tinnitus does not develop in the ear, but in the brain through pathologically overactive nerve cells. This overactivity can be soothed by listening to individually filtered music so that the tinnitus volume is noticeably and sustainably reduced. Enjoying music to fight tinnitus – Tinnitracks is realizing it.

With Tinnitracks, tinnitus sufferers can simply use their favorite music for their daily tinnitus treatment. The app helps you to filter out your individual tinnitus frequency from selected pieces of music. The Tinnitracks app reliably analyzes, whether a piece of music is suitable for therapy, and it supports users with additional functions to enable the best possible implementation of the therapy.

    • Filtering the music with high performance filters
    • Therapy–accompanying videos by Dr. Johannes Wimmer
    • Simple and pleasant application
    • Therapeutic effects scientifically confirmed
    • Reimbursement by various health insurance companies

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