Sonormed is a Hamburg-based medical technology company with a strong focus on digital audiology and was founded in Hamburg in 2012. Building a unique infrastructure that integrates regulatory requirements (e.g. medical device regulation), specific needs of ENT physicians and the requirements for reimbursement is the core mission of Sonormed. The company cooperates with well-known industrial companies, insurance companies and research institutes. Against this backdrop Sonormed leverages their sound technological know-how in digital audiology for diagnostics, therapeutic use and workflow management to build a portfolio of related products. Our interdisciplinary team of sound engineers, computer scientists and neurobiologists develops state-of-the art solutions to improve hearing impairments.

Sonormed’s most widely recognised solution is Tinnitracks, a fully digital therapeutic app for tinnitus patients. Tinnitracks is a certified medical solution providing access to the scientifically validated Tailor-Made Notched Training (TMNMT), a neuro-acoustic treatment approach that targets hyperactive nerve cells underlying the perception of tinnitus. In Germany, Tinnitracks has become the first therapeutic app to be reimbursed by statutory and private health insurances. Heading towards a complete integration into the existing healthcare system, Sonormed was able to receive numerous prestigious awards for the development of Tinnitracks, e.g.,the renowned US technology award SXSW in “Digital Health & Life Sciences Technologies”.


Sonormed GmbH was founded by Adrian Nötzel, Jörg Land and Matthias Lanz.

The management consists of Jörg Land and Matthias Lanz. Jörg Land, responsible for marketing and business development, was responsible for marketing and product management in various IT companies. Matthias Lanz, who heads the IT department, can also draw on previous experience in founding a company and in developing international structures. Co-founder Adrian Nötzel, responsible for the product development, complements the team’s competence in the field of audio technology. The Sonormed team also includes developers, psychologists and medical professionals.